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    An Innovative oak cask Villers-le-Lac

    An Innovative oak cask

    A brand new oak cask Designed and conceived to be functional [...]

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    CM-Barrel reinvents the oak barrel

    Our barrel, in the tradition of a good wine, makes complete sense during wine maturation. The idea stems from Cyrille Savioz wine experience whose patent idea Cybox became a reality in 1997 when being prized at the Geneva Salon des Inventeurs.

    This oak barrel will revolutionize crops maturation. It is meant for wine professionals.
    It is well known that tannins improve with time. By 2010, this innovative barrel has been guaranteeing wine excellence in optimal maturation conditions. Since 2015, CM-Barrel has launch the production and the sales of oak barrels domestically and world wide.

    In our oak barrel get crop quality optimization!

    Thanks to its storage and piling up feature, our oak barrel can expand with no risk your stock capacity. Thus the oak barrel allows mechanical handling and reduces handling with its front valve and stopcock. Additionally, cleaning does not require anymore use of a lifting device. Cleaning of the oak barrel interior can be done by one person only reducing manpower needs and costs. The recipient oak barrel can be transported before any assembly, therefore reducing space needs.
    Its shape, new in its design for the wine professionals respects traditional wine making process as evidenced with certificates delivered by numerous European countries. Precised controlled burning offers a remarkable steadiness in the production of our oak barrels.

    Premium barrels made of high quality oak staves

    Caring and concerned about the preservation of sensory heritage and aromatic noblesse of each grape variety, CM-Barrel selects for the manufacturing of its barrels exclusively high quality oak staves. We only use French oak or eastern Europe oak to enhance great wines production.
    “PEFC” certified, our oak barrels are entirely recyclable. Toasting process is a decisive step to develop the flavor “bouquet” intensity and we adapt it to fit personalized savor and taste. .

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